Human Trafficking in Kolkata
Kolkata – where thousands of women are trafficked.

Shanti’s* Story

Shanti is a very trusting and simple lady. She ran away with Anu when she was 14 and was sold into the flesh trade. She has a daughter, Reka whom she loves very much and hopes to give a future to so that she does not follow in her footsteps.

“I am not a smart person and have difficulty in learning but thank God that I am able to work with Touch Nature to learn skills so that I can earn a proper living. Without Touch Nature, it would be impossible for me to get a job in other places.”

Reka’s* Story (Shanti’s daughter)

“When we were staying in the red light district, I used to be afraid that my classmates would come to know where I lived. Where I used to stay is well known as the red light district in Kolkata. Women who are in the local flesh trade will dress up and sit in a line waiting for customers to pick them up. My mother used to be one of these women. I often felt embarrassed and shy to talk about my family. Now, I am glad that my mother has a job where I can leave the red light district. I no longer have to worry if my friends find out where I stay.

I used to feel sad and unhappy because of my mother’s job. I felt that I did not have a reason to smile, but now I am different. I feel happy that I am able to lead life like other young people and have equal standing in society with them. Also, I have a big family at Touch Nature who cares for one another.”

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(*all names have been changed to protect the identity of our staff)