At 16, I was married to a younger boy who was 12 years old. I despised the marriage as I was not ready for it. I was looking for an opportunity to run away from a destiny I did not choose when a man approached me and promised to find me a job. I followed him but he shrewdly sold me into the red light district.

After working for some years in the area, I got really sick and that is when I started to hear about Jesus. I experienced His miraculous power and healing hand. Deep down, I was grateful and wanted to follow Him forever. However due to my own weaknesses, I kept falling back into my old life. Until recently, when Touch Nature staff came to where I stayed and started a Christian fellowship in my house. I felt God leading me to get out of the trade. I am grateful for the job opening at the beginning of this year so I could stop my sinful lifestyle. Now I am glad that I am able to learn skills and live a righteous life.

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