Coconut Oil and Natural Soap

coconut oil

Coconut Oil and Natural Soap

Coconut Oil has gained widespread recognition as a wonderful natural oil. It’s wide range of uses include being taken as a supplement and applied on to the body for skin care.

What is coconut oil and what are the benefits that have made it so popular? We’ve just published a new article on Coconut Oil under the Skin Care section.

Do you know that coconut oil is the main ingredient in PremaTouch Soap?

To find out more about the amazing benefits of coconut oil click here.

Setting Trafficked Women Free Featured at Facebook Global Causes Day!

FaceBook Global Cause Day: Featuring PremaTouch – Natural Soap That Sets Trafficked Women Free

PremaTouch-Facebook Global Causes Day-Singapore-2016
With fellow world changers at Facebook Global Causes Day

PremaTouch was privileged to be invited to present our cause at Facebook’s spanking new Singapore office for Facebook Global Causes Day. We started with our powerful signature 3 min video that brought many to tears (watch it on our homepage), followed by a short presentation about how PremaTouch helps set women free from trafficking, empowers them through sustainable employment, and a call to action.


Transcript of Jason Tay’s PremaTouch Presentation at Facebook Singapore:

“Let me just continue Maiya’s story.

While we were there shooting that video over a week, we actually had to start by really convincing someone to be willing to come on camera. But one evening after our shoot, we heard a knock on the door, and a lady was at the door and she was carrying about a one and a half year old girl. And what had happened was Maiya had gone back into the red light district, she had tried to convince this friend of hers that there was a viable alternative for her. And after months of trying to convince her, this lady finally left the red light area and she was desperate, because the client who had fathered that girl (her child) wanted to kill them.

And so she ran to the only place that she knew, which was the place where we make soap. And what happened was, we were able to offer her a job immediately. She started work the very next day. And we don’t just employ the girls, we also provide them with a home, and more importantly we empower them, because they are the ones who run the business.

And right now what I want to do is… let’s just lighten this up a bit. It’s all getting a little bit heavy.

Anybody knows what “Prema” means? Put up your hand.

You speak Hindi! Ok, it’s alright. What does Prema mean?

Love, that’s right. So Prema is the Hindi or Nepali word for love. And because of that I’m going to give you a bar. Alright, let’s give him a hand!

Ok, so how can you help us? You know, the more that the word gets out and the more soap that we sell, it directly enables us to employ and to rescue more ladies.

You saw earlier, Rebecca showed that there were now 13 (ladies rescued and employed) from about 5. Actually right now there are 15 ladies that are employed, and in addition to that we also have 3 babies and 5 young children. Because the ladies you know, part of their…they get kids as part of their job and when that happens they want to get out. And we need to provide them a viable alternative because they were kidnapped when they were 9, 10. They are illiterate, they have no other way to earn a living. An NGO comes in, rescues girls and 3 months later they’ll be back in prostitution. That’s why we want to empower and sustainably employ them.

And so, how can you help?

Directly, you can give us ad credits because the more we can ramp up sales directly enables us to employ more women.

Number 2, we would love to sit down and chat with some of you to learn how we can maximise Facebook, Instagram, Social Media, to shout the cause out.

And number 3, very simple, we need you to buy soap. We have a table out there. Come by and say hi to us and it’s on a special deal today, buy 2 bars for a very good price. We have essential oils that the ladies bottle as well. But more than that, after you buy the soap, go home and use it. Throw out the bottle of poison that you have. Really, come talk to me. And then become our brand advocate. Go like our Facebook page, go share it with your friends and tell them throw out the crap you have in your bathroom and use, get this soap.

And that’s what we need to see happen to create a revolution of love. Thank you.”

Mother’s Day Corporate Gifts

We want to thank The City Church for choosing PremaTouch soap as gifts for their Mother’s Day celebration and supporting the cause to set trafficked women free and provide them with dignified employment. The story behind PremaTouch’s all natural handmade coconut oil soap bars makes them especially meaningful gifts!

Are you looking for corporate gifts or wedding favours with a powerful, life-changing message? Please contact us with your requirements.

PremaTouch Lemongrass Soap in Pink Organza Gift Bag
PremaTouch Lemongrass Soap in Pink Organza Gift Bag